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A Newsletter instead of a Seminar Program for 2015

In December 2014 we, Hanna and Carol, have sent out a Newsletter explaining why we have decided to make a pause in giving seminars in 2015. Here is an excerpt from it:

Dear friend of the I Ching,

   We look back over a year of intensive learning and sharing with those of you who came to our seminars. All this activity has brought us great joy and fulfillment.

   In the last two years, the subjects of our seminars have addressed ever-deeper layers of the human experience, and the Sage keeps blessing us with expanding our understanding almost every day.

   It is for this reason that we, Carol and Hanna, have decided to pause a year in giving seminars, and instead work on new writing projects. At the beginning of a creative project, discretion is of the first order of business. In other words, we ask you to understand that it is not yet time to say more.

   Meanwhile, we have revised and enlarged two of the seminar handouts the Sage chose for adding to the selection of “handouts for sale” we have posted on our website. They are:

   (1) “Addictions and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders” and
   (2) “Freeing Yourself from the Myth of Aging”

   If you click on http://www.ichingoracle.com/books_seminar.php, and then click on the links for these handouts, you will find explanations about the nature of the new material that has been added; the revised Tables of Contents that are also displayed there, will give you additional clarity.

   We have received wonderful feedbacks on the selection of the 13 seminar handouts we presently offer for sale on that web page. Subjects like “Establishing Boundaries Without Fear,” “Finding Your Cosmic Destiny,” “Achieving Success That Endures,” etc., lend themselves to being looked into more than once. Like our book, I Ching. The Oracle of the Cosmic Way, these handouts contain numerous layers of insights waiting to be discovered at different times in your life.


   Our wishes for 2015 include good health, wonder-ful new insights, and Cosmic help in abundance for all your harmonious undertakings!

Carol and Hanna