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Seminar Program for 2014

May 16-18 (Friday Sunday)
Freeing Yourself from the Myth of Aging
Given by Carol K. Anthony and Hanna Moog

In this seminar we will be looking at the unnecessary deterioration of our bodies and minds that accompany aging, in comparison to the possibility of living fully, happily, and healthily up to the day we complete our lives in a body. The I Ching makes us aware of the fact that what prevents us generally from following this happier path is the myth on which aging is based. We will examine this myth in its various aspects, such as the idea that life marches toward an inevitable end, and its consequences on our health and sense of fulfillment.
The participants will engage in exercises that help them discover the negative inventory of thoughts and images of the myth about aging that are stored in their psyche. They will be shown how to deprogram them with Cosmic help. By taking and keeping away the ideas, fears, and predictions that misrepresent the way life unfolds, they will experience inner peace and life as fulfilling without end.

Prerequisites: To attend this seminar it is useful, but not necessary, to have a prior knowledge of the I Ching.

The seminar is based on the books, “I Ching, The Oracle of the Cosmic Way,” “Healing Yourself the Cosmic Way,” and “The Psyche Revealed Through the I Ching,” by Carol K. Anthony and Hanna Moog.

Location: The Emerald Feng Shui Institute, Seattle


The following seminars will be given jointly by Carol K. Anthony and Hanna Moog in Stow, Massachusetts. Both seminars are based on our books, I Ching, The Oracle of the Cosmic Way, and The Psyche Revealed Through the I Ching. Our seminars give a hands-on practice of the methods described in these books, but it is recommended that the participants familiarize themselves at least several months in advance, with some of their basic concepts. The seminars focus on the application of the I Ching to the specific subjects described below.

August 30 Sept. 1, 2014 (Sa-Mo, including Labor Day)
Understanding the Causes of Mental Dysfunctions, and How We Can Free Ourselves from Them

From the standpoint of the I Ching the term “mental dysfunctions” refers to obsessive-compulsive disorders in general; it also refers to phobias, learning disabilities, the addiction to negative thinking, insomnia, memory loss, psychotic states of mind, split personality disorders, and more.

We will examine the genesis of the dysfunctionality of the mind and the way to heal it, with the help of these two complementary hexagrams: Hexagram 23, Splitting Apart, and Hexagram 24, Returning. The first hexagram describes the stages of mental dysfunctionality created by the self-doubt introduced to us at a very young age, and its subsequent ever greater splitting apart of every aspect of our feeling and thinking. The second hexagram defines the path of returning to our wholeness.

The introduction of self-doubt provides the basis for the development of the individual ego. Its existence depends on the progressive splitting of our wholeness, which occurs almost unnoticed, because our whole attention is drawn to the building of a pride system — a pride system that is given the purpose to protect and defend the ego in its destructive activities. While the counsel to split apart from the ego is given in Line 3 of Hexagram 23, the hexagram called “Returning” advises us to free ourselves from the pride system that would otherwise prevent us from returning to our original state of innocence of mind.

In the thinking mind’s natural state of innocence, the body’s feeling consciousness provides it with all the support it needs to grow and mature, throughout our lives. In order to understand how the mind’s thinking consciousness and the body’s feeling consciousness get split apart, we first need to understand the relationship between the energy of the light and the dark, as described by the I Ching.

Through  interpenetrating with each other the light and the dark constantly create the transformations that are known as LIFE. These transformations occur in a constant flow.

The feeling consciousness of the body is made up of the energy of the light and the dark. When self-doubt in our wholeness is introduced to us in early childhood, the energy of the light and the dark becomes split apart, with the result that life becomes impeded in its flow, and our thinking mind loses the support it needs from our feelings. The thinking mind simultaneously loses its innocence by succumbing to the ego’s flattery to see itself as special and superior to the body and its feelings, due to its ability to think and create language.

The seminar participants will be helped to understand the impact of a small number of false words and ideas that, when accepted as true and combined with each other, are responsible for the mental dysfunctions mentioned above. Mental dysfunctions that have become chronic need to be viewed as fates that were prevented from being ended after having run their natural course. Their healing requires that we understand the specific ego-elements that cause dysfunctions to become chronic. This aspect will also be covered by the seminar.

To receive a registration form, information about accommodations, directions how to get to Stow, and other organizational details please contact us here Contact Us

Location: Stow, MA
Price: $540


September 6-7 (Saturday Sunday)
How to Truly Nourish Our Mind and Body

The first thing that usually comes to mind when we hear the word nourishment is food. While food is certainly an important part of our daily nourishment inasmuch as it sustains our physical body, there is another kind of nourishment we need in order to nourish our whole being: it is the nourishment our thinking mind gains from learning about the truths of life — the answers to the questions that truly matter: what is the nature of the Cosmos? How does the Cosmos function? Where is our human place in the Whole? And, last not least: Who are we?

The I Ching teaches us that the two kinds of nourishment — the one for our body, the other for our mind — need to be seen as inseparable: each is necessary to make the other whole, in the sense of truly nourishing. Not surprisingly, the two kinds of nourishment are the subject of two complementary hexagrams: Hexagram 27, Nourishing, and Hexagram 28, The Preponderance of the Great.

In Hexagram 27 we are made aware of the need to pay attention to ideas that, instead of nourishing the mind, damage it. Worse still, they also damage our abilities to digest and process the foods we eat. The ideas mentioned in that hexagram are ideas we take in from every other source except from our Inner Truth. Inner Truth is the name for that repository of Cosmic knowledge that is stored in our body cells in the form of a feeling knowledge. What is not known is the fact that this feeling knowledge nourishes our mind like water from a clear cold spring. This important understanding about our Inner Truth is completely denied by the name scientists use to refer to it by calling it our “DNA,” a name that suggests that it has only to do with physical properties. Hexagram 27 makes us aware that the Cosmic knowledge coming from our Inner Truth is transmitted to the mind through our feelings. Because it is meaningful (i.e., not abstract and divorced from our feelings) it is therefore nourishing. Furthermore, this hexagram draws our attention to the fact that the two kinds of nourishment — the one obtained from Nature, the other from our Inner Truth — are totally complementary to each other.

When we take in ideas that are contrary to our Inner Truth, and that limit us to a narrow understanding, they cause harm both to our thinking mind and to the abilities of our digestive organs and the systems that process what we eat. Intestinal disorders are one among many negative physical results. The specific focus in this seminar will be on those ideas that negatively affect our ability to learn from our Inner Truth, and therefore create intestinal disorders. Identifying and deprogramming those ideas frees us from their primary causes.

To receive a registration form, information about accommodations, directions how to get to Stow, and other organizational details please contact us here Contact Us

Location: Stow, MA
Price: $360